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Need End-to-end services to deliver high quality video?

From producing original ideas to deliverables, we handle everything.


We are always looking for interesting topic of short and long form documentary films in Japan. We find the unique subject on the current topic, political, environmental, art, food or anything.

We think to find topic for documentary  in a daily life and how we see it makes the importance for documentary film making. ​

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Because consumers are now exposed to so much video advertising on a daily basis, they have become adept at recognizing when a video is of poor quality.

An engaging, well-produced video ad can be the start of a long-term customer relationship, but a poor-quality example will cause them to associate your brand with staleness and desperation.

​We produce videos with good ideas and visuals.

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Corporate videos are an essential tool for any business regardless of your industry.

We make promotional company profile videos, product explainer videos, demo videos and video testimonials.

​We believe every company has different "color". We make the videos that  color stands out. No more boring colorless corporate video!

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Videos can be used before, during and  after the event.Teaser videos can help create the buzz. Good event needs good visuals on the screen.We can also produce a highlight video as well as full coverage of event. All of these help to extend its length and reach afterwords. 

Event videos are highly re-purpose-able, meaning you can use it in many different ways.

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​Videos for branding works different way than informative videos.

​It has to convey the concept and value of your brand. Video is the best medium to do this. Through the atmosphere, color and story audience can relate themselves to your brand. We create great visuals which increase your brand value and spread the attraction of your brand.



Humans are drawn into visual messages. Why don't you use it for internal communication in your company? It could be used for recruitment purposes, training employees, showcasing core company values and explainer. It will improve employee satisfaction and enable effective internal communication.

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