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With its unique culture and scenery, Japan offers lots of stories for the telling. 

Japan also offers complexity, especially when you shoot.​ Without local assistance, it's easy to get lost.

Double Circle Tokyo is here to help you get great results - and have good time in Japan!


Before you arrive these are the services we provide.


Research - Basic research

Find Subject - Finding/Tracking down the subjects

Scout/Recce - Finding locations suited to the project

Permit - Arranging shooting permits

Casting ​- Finding and booking casts

Accommodation - Arranging accommodations

Transport ​- Booking vehicles and tickets

Crew - Booking local crew

Equipment ​- Booking equipment on your request

Scheduling ​- scheduling for the shoot



After you leave...

Translation - Translating your materials into any                                 language you want

Shipping - Shipping Production Equipment

Follow-Up ​- Anything you need after shooting in                               Japan

Image by Clay Banks


In the production we do....

Interpreter - Different languages on request

Logistics - Choosing the best way to move 

Catering - Eating habit differ person to person

Helping Hands Carrying tripods or anything 

Handheld Camera


We have more detailed informations about ...


Knowledge base of shooting in Japan

Price for our work

Terms and conditions

​Coming soon!

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