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Need footage fast?

The world is getting smaller but still you may not be able to access the footage you need.

We operate remotely to shoot high quality footage for you! 


We can conduct interviews for you.​​

You can provide us the specific interviewee or we  find one suited to the topic. We contact interviewee and decides where to shoot. It could be in their  office , hotel room or small studio which we can book.​ We  ask questions you provide beforehand or you can join the interview through Skype or something equivalent. After interview we can provide transcript if necessary.

Example Case


​Many global companies have their offices and branches here in Japan. When you make a corporate promotion video for your company, you might want Japanese branches to be a part of it. But Japan is very far. Please let us know the footage you need, we can shoot in the same style as you do. That means you will have the footage from us perfectly matching your existing materials. We can contact the company and organize the shoot. We don't leave much work for you!​

Modern City
Example Case


When you don't find any footage works in your project among those stock sites, we can shoot more specific materials for your needs.

You can provide us necessary information for the footage you need, we research and arrange the shooting. It is always helpful for us to know the specific style of the shots. 

​We also shoot B-rolls with your character in your project according to your guidance.

Example Case


Some documentary project need crew in specific time in specific place. Can you always come to Japan for covering only one event? But it could be very important one for ​your story. We can cover this small part of your story instead of you. We make documentaries for ourselves, we know how we do.

​Or you can ask us any shots you realized you need in the editing. We shoot and deliver the file straight away.

Woman at Subway
Example Case


​There are so many different purpose to cover events or conferences.

Is it for live viewing purpose or later usage? It needs whole different approach. By working together with you and the organizer of the event or the conference, we figure out the best way to shoot. After the event we send you the raw materials or we edit the  highlight in house.

We are working on live-streaming system too!

Concert Crowd
Example Case


Often short comment are needed from a famous person after a specific event in a very short turnaround time. As long as you have already established the contact with management and cleared the permission to shoot this person, we can shoot straight away! If this person needs interpreter, we find one upon request.

Media Interview
Example Case
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