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​Happy remote production!

Need footage fast?

The world is getting smaller but still you may not be able to access the footage you need.

We operate remotely to shoot high quality footage for you! 

Shots More Specific Than Stock Footage

In one case, we were asked to shoot an interview with a high-profile athlete the next day in Osaka.  Self-contained in terms of gear and crew, we could just load up and drive off!  Clearance had already been obtained by foreign production by the time we arrived.

V.I.P Comment
Short Comment From V.I.Ps Visiting Japan

At Double Circle Tokyo, we understand the insecurity of not having full control over the shooting process.  We consult with you as much as possible on every aspect of the shoot and welcome anything you provide us to convey the essence of the shoot - reference photos, music, key sentences - anything that gets the material that meets your needs.

A Part Of Your Story Happening In Japan
Conducting Interview According To Your Instructions

Increasingly, we are asked to gather material for projects unable to send crew in Japan, often needing footage fast.

Covering Whole Event Or Specific Part

On another occasion, we added Japanese branch footage to existing material for an international company's corporate video.  We contacted the company and arranged a meeting, scouted the location and organized the shoot.  Throughout the process we maintained close consultation with the director and producer about the the content, visual style, and technical specifications.

Corporate Video
Footage From Japanese Branches For Global Corporate Video

Let's talk!

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